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Project Description

Nozbe.Net is a .Net library that provides easy programmed access to Nozbe. Developed in C#, it can either jumpstart a new Nozbe app, or allow Powershell access to Nozbe.

I have been a fan of GTD for years, and a Nozbe user since 2010.  Nozbe is the best GTD system I have found yet, but it is not everything I want.  Michael Sliwinski and his team are working hard to improve Nozbe every day, but I realized that some things would probably be a long time coming unless I wrote them myself.

The initial Nozbe web service was too limited for the things I wanted to do, so I backed off.  Then the break through came when Michael announced the expanded API.  I requested access and Michael and Tomasz Kapelak quickly got me the API documentation and an application key. 

The API had all that I wanted, but I quickly realized that some foundation work was needed.  I needed a .Net library that would translate the web service calls and JSON formatted data into something more .Net friendly.  I also wanted something that would enable easy scripting in Powershell.  Given the desire to support both my planned C# development, and Powershell scripting, I decided to create Nozbe.Net. 

Current Limitations and Future Plans

At this time, Nozbe.Net is read only.  The Process() method to synchronize local data with the Nozbe server is not completed.  This is largely due to my not being clear on the use cases that I want to support.  In order to resolve that I am planning to begin the design of the application I had originally wanted to write. I don't want to announce those plans at this time, but that design work should establish clear use cases and allow me to complete Nozbe.Net.  Part of my motivation for releasing at this time is to encourage comments, suggestions, and any help anyone wants to provide.   

Please leave comments either here, or on my blog.

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