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App Key

In order to access Nozbe you will need to request a app key.  For details see the Nozbe API site.


Nozbe uses JSON to transmit data so Nozbe.Net uses the excellent Json.NET by James Newton-King.


Nozbe.Net is currently very simple.  One C# source file, and a dependency on Json.NET.  The solution provided is for Visual Studio 2010. 


Although I intend to leverage Nozbe.Net from C#, I also wanted to use Powershell.  Here are some examples of the things you can do with Powershell:


add-type -path ".\Nozbe.Net.dll"
$s = new-object Nozbe.Net.Session "myappkey", "myuserkey"

# or

$s = new-object Nozbe.Net.Session "myappkey"

$s.Login("email", "password")

Get all the Nozbe data (except completed projects and tasks)

$d = $s.GetData()

Create a backup


Find Projects without a Tag

$d.project | ? {$_.tag -eq ""}

Find Projects with no Actions

$d.project | % {$p = $_; $t = ($d.task | ? {$_.project_hash -eq $p.hash}); if ($t.count -eq 0) {$p}}      
List Project names with number of tasks

$d.project | % {$p = $_; $t = ($d.task | ? {$_.project_hash -eq $p.hash}); "" | select @{Name="Project"; Expression={$}},@{Name="Tasks"; Expression={$t.Count}}}

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